Be Brave in the Blue World

Be Brave in the Blue World

Os nossos produtos

Hello :) I’m Raquel, I live in Lisbon, I have training in digital photography and I love crafts!! I literally like “getting my hands dirty” and being able to combine photography with the creative and artistic part, it’s the best of both worlds! In this way, I present to you Cyanotype, an alternative photographic printing process carried out with the help of sunlight! YEAP :) From useful to pleasant, the Be Brave in the Blue World project is also inspired by Nature. At the markets you can find Tote Bags, Postcards, Notebooks, Photographs, Posters, Necklaces…all in cyanotype!! My works are from a single edition, that is, Originals (1/1), so you will have the opportunity to purchase a unique copy

Tabela de Preços

From 4€ to 70€

Onde encontrar

Besides LX Market (Lisboa) you can also find me on my website and some art shops: @maboespaco (Lisboa), @aquiavolta (Aveiro), (Lisboa) and (Lisboa).

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