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CARIMBO.concept is a clothing and accessories brand based on three pillars: conscious production, comfort and connection. Our production is done in small quantities so that there is zero waste. Each piece is ethically sewed in our Atelier near the sea, in Santa Cruz, Torres Vedras, Lisbon. MARGARIDA BAGS- our bestseller are versatile bags featuring multiple interior and exterior compartments, perfect for keeping everything organized for various purposes: travel, work, maternity, beach outings, or trips to the market. We don’t adhere to trends when designing our items; instead, my focus is always on creating clothing and accessories that prioritize comfort and confidence. Our aim is to produce timeless pieces that withstand the test of time. In each collection, we weave together moments lived and stories told. Inspired by nature, our pieces exude the essence of the sea breeze and simplicity. Proudly crafted in Portugal, CARIMBO.concept embodies a conscious approach to manufacturing. Looking ahead, we are committed to continuing our journey of balanced creation, mindful of the finite resources of nature. CARIMBO is the base, it’s the roots, the family surname.

Tabela de Preços

15€ / 190€

Onde encontrar

Our products are available online at CARIMBOCONCEPT.COM and can also be purchased through our Instagram page @carimboconcept YOUTUBE: CARIMBO.CONCEPT | TIKTOK | EMAIL: CARIMBOCONCEPT@GMAIL.COM | HELLO@CARIMBOCONCEPT.COM

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