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Have A Nice Denim, HAND, is an independent upcycle brand, located in Lisbon, Portugal. The brand’s work consists of transforming old and/or useless clothes into new products. Upcycling creates a new life cycle for clothes that are no longer used, avoiding possible disposal in the environment and thus developing more responsible consumption. Customized clothing is a sustainable practice, creating unique, modern, exclusive pieces that reflect your individuality, style and personality. Each garment is reinvented manually, with different painting and sewing techniques, making this product unique and no one in the world will have one like it. By supporting this work, you are collaborating with a brand that believes in the continuous cycle of clothing renewal, considering that fashion is increasingly conscious and full of personality. Worth a try.

Tabela de Preços

from 150 euros until 400 euros.

Onde encontrar

Instagram @haveanicedenim

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