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Zichrini Ger

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ZIKGER came to life in 2014 out of my love for femininity, quality craftsmanship, and the sheer joy of living. I’m Zichrini Ger, the heart behind every design and color palette. My fashion journey took an unexpected turn during a trip to India, leading me to live in Delhi and work with a major European clothing brand. Over four transformative years, I crisscrossed India – from fabric bazaars to textile factories – absorbing the essence of fashion at its roots. My partner in life, Yakir, became the catalyst for change. He urged me to carve my own path, and in 2014, the Lily dress marked the birth of my designs. It became an instant hit. Our focus has always been on designs that embrace the beauty of every woman, regardless of her body type. Versatility is key; our dresses effortlessly shift from work to play, maternity to a night out. The fabrics we select, like gentle viscose and organic cotton, embody our commitment to skin-friendly and eco-conscious fashion. Our prints? They’re the result of delightful, soul-searching journeys through Delhi’s fabric markets. But ZIKGER is more than just clothes. It’s a labor of love. We’ve built a brand that lives by values we cherish: 1. **Exacting Standards:** Our designs meet the highest standards, crafted in safe environments. 2. **Empowered Team:** Our team works eight hours a day in conditions we’re proud of, sharing the same values and trust. 3. **Hands-On Approach:** We’re engaged in every production, ensuring nothing goes amiss. 4. **Meaningful Relationships:** We visit our production team twice a year, nurturing relationships and monitoring conditions. 5. **Love in Every Stitch:** Above all, ZIKGER is a manifestation of love – evident in each design, fabric choice, and print. ZIKGER is more than a brand; it’s a reflection of my personal journey, infused with culture, dedication, and a love for fashion that celebrates femininity, individuality, and the environment.

Tabela de Preços

blouses: 60-69euros dresses: 89-139euros man shirt: 79euro

Onde encontrar

our boutique is located in Cascais: Rua do Poco Novo 150, Cascais 2759-444, Portugal Website with worldwide shipping: www.zikger.com

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